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Connect your ShippingEasy account to SwiftOrder and instantly gain access to features that will streamline your business, increase productivity, and ship orders faster.

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How it Works

1. Sync Your Orders with One Click

All of your orders sync in bulk with one click. No manual address entry - everything syncs effortlessly.

2. Print Your Labels in ShippingEasy

The normal process you already love about ShippingEasy.

3. SwiftOrder Recognizes When You Print Labels and Stores The Data

When you print your labels, SwiftOrder automatically tracks the data and marks your orders shipped.

4. You're Done

That's it!

Perfect for Streamlining your Shipping Process with ShippingEasy

Keep things easy, and automate your shipping process.

Fall in Love with Shipping Again

No more manual address entry, CSV files, marking orders shipped, or entering data into a spreadsheet. Just automate the whole darn thing and love it.

Batch Sync Your Orders

Enter the shipping weight of the package and sync. All customer information and the shipping weight are directly synced into your ShippingEasy account.

Automated Data Tracking

When you print labels in ShippingEasy, Swiftorder automatically stores your shipping costs, order tracking information, and marks your orders shipped. No spreadsheets needed.

Extended ShippingEasy Demo

See the integration in action. The syncing process begins at 1:28.


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