Print shipping labels and ship with USPS®
All with deeply-discounted rates.

Create shipping labels directly inside SwiftOrder and remove the need for your current third party shipping system.

Print labels one by one, or in bulk


Create labels quickly

Generate labels directly from inside SwiftOrder, and reduce the manual work of using 2 systems


Download .pdf and bulk print

Simply bulk print, and you're done.

Automatic Order and Inventory Reconciliation


Orders stay up to date with tracking information

Track shipping history on any order, with auto tracking of every event in the shipping process.


Consistent Inventory

Your inventory stays up to date with every label you ship -- with no manual effort needed on your end.

More functionality

Additional Tools

Address Validation

Easily catch errors before errors catch you.

Tracking Information

Have access to all tracking information, directly from USPS.

Return Labels

Be confident for customer returns.

Voiding Labels

Mistakes happen -- easily void labels when necessary.

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