Power Your Live Events with
QR Codes

Keep your inventory instantly up to date online as you sell items offline. Use QR Codes to organize your live event sales, and your online sales won't miss a beat.

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Here's what they look like

Each QR Code can be printed with the unique item number, style name, size, price, and your first and last name. Scan the code, confirm the sale, and you're all set.

Print in bulk, and easily filter for your new inventory when you're ready to print more.

Record New Sales in Just Seconds

Scan, confirm sale, and the order is created. It's literally that easy.

Keep your online inventory up date

Your inventory updates seemlessly as you record sales.

Run live events with ease from your mobile device

Scan codes as sales happen, or keep the QR Codes until after the sale.


Use QR Codes to Power Your Next Live Event

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