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The plan for Independent Retailers looking to take control of their business.

Facebook Integration

✓ Upload images to Facebook Albums

✓ Delete images from Facebook Albums

✓ Launch uploads in minutes

✓ 15+ upload speeds

✓ Randomize your inventory so shoppers see new images each time you upload

✓ Reach more shoppers faster by uploading into all albums simultaneously

✓ Schedule uploads in advance

✓ Real-time metrics and reporting

✓ Easily add/remove inventory from your uploads

✓ Protection from "Facebook Jail"

Inventory Management

✓ Real-time inventory tracking

✓ Simple drag & drop image uploader

✓ Upload unlimited items

✓ Custom Catalog

✓ Duplicate item support

✓ Images securely hosted on Amazon S3 Cloud

✓ Inventory reporting

Order Creation, Shipping, & Fulfillment

✓ Shipping Report to simplify packaging orders

✓ Order Statuses to track order progress

✓ Order creation through shopping galleries, QR Codes, "Google Forms", or in-app

✓ Customer Records with detailed order history

✓ Order Summaries with item images, customer information, and line items

✓ New Order Text Notifications (Premium Add On: +$5/mo)

Payments (Premium Add On)

✓ PCI Compliant Payments

✓ Deposits to your bank account

✓ Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB

✓ Refunds (Full and Partial)

✓ Sales Tax Calculation

✓ Tax History Report

✓ Custom Shipping Rules

✓ Eliminate manual invoicing

Payments is a Premium Add On. Price is pay-as-you-go. 1.2% transaction fees are only applied when customers successfully purchase from you. Normal credit card processing fees of 2.9% + .30 per transaction also apply. All transaction fees are reversed for successful refunds.

Shopping Galleries & Multi-Sales

✓ Multiple galleries with unlimited items

✓ Customize your galleries with 30+ settings

✓ Destash galleries

✓ Facebook Comments

✓ Mobile responsive design

✓ Duplicate sales prevention

✓ Ability to randomize inventory for every shopper

✓ Login-free shopping for customers

✓ Multi-Sales to sell alongside other Retailers

ShippingEasy Integration

✓ Batch sync orders to ShippingEasy with one click

✓ Auto-tracking for shipping cost paid, order tracking info, marking orders shipped

Data Exports

✓ Image Export

✓ Order Export

✓ Gallery Export

✓ Data and Finance Export

Account & Users

✓ Add additional users

✓ Add additional Facebook Accounts

✓ Referral program to earn free SwiftOrder

Help & Support

✓ Ticket-based Support

✓ In-app Help Center

✓ Full Documentation

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