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Connect your inventory with other consultants and instantly spin up multi-sales with no uploading required.

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Create a New Multi-Sale or Join an Existing One

Multi-Sales allow you to join forces with others and sell together, without interupting your normal sales processes.

Plug In and Go

No uploading required. Just plug in your inventory with other consultants, click to sync, and you're all set. And best of all, your normal galleries remain untouched.

Go Live Anytime

As a Multi-Sale admin, you can publish/unpublish your team's gallery. Instead of having your team rush to upload their images by a deadline, you simply publish the Multi-Sale gallery when you're ready.

Manage Members

An admin can accept invitations from team members to join the group, so you can manage access to your sale.

Password Protected Signup

When you create a Multi-Sale, you can protect entry with a passcode. Give this passcode to member's of your team, and they can join the sale. And, as the admin, you still have the ability to accept/deny users to your Multi-Sale.

Recurring or One-Time

When you create a Multi-Sale, it can be a one-time event that saves everyone time uploading images. Save even more time, by hosting the same sale again and again without ever having to reupload images

Intelligent Order Routing

Customers can order multiple items from multiple consultants at once, and Swiftorder intelligently routes the items to the proper consultant's Swiftorder account and sends a New Order Text Message Notification to each consultant's phone.


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