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Can I use SwiftOrder if I sell for ___?

Short answer: yup!

* Well, you know, assuming it's appropriate.

Is there a free trial? What comes with it?

Of course! It's 14 days, totally free, and no credit card required. You'll have access to all features, and can start selling immediately.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel at any time, and you'll have full access to your account until your current billing period is over.

Do you support LuLaRoe and do you follow all the rules?

Abosolutely. LLR was the first company we ever supported.

Do you provide support? Do you provide phone support?

We provide ticket-based support, and you'll also have a self-serve Help Center right inside your account.

You can also search and ask questions in the Facebook Community to get fast answers to common questions, and submit tickets right from inside your account when you have hard questions.

In order to keep the costs of subscriptions as low as possible for you, we do not actively provide phone support.

Can I have more than one user or Facebook Account connected to my SwiftOrder account? Does it cost more?

Yes you can! And nope, no extra cost.

Do you protect me from the dreaded "Facebook Jail"?

Ya, and we hope you're pretty happy about this one. We have built in Facebook Limit Detection, so as soon as you've done too much, we protect your Facebook account by stopping your upload. This ensures you don't hit "Facebook Jail".

Do you offer any discounts?

If you have a Group/Team, let us know!

I don't use ShippingEasy - can I still use SwiftOrder?

Yes. If you use ShippingEasy, we provide an awesome integration for you. If you don't use ShippingEasy, that's fine too. You can easily ship through your own method and record any relevant data in SwiftOrder.

Do you integrate with Stamps.com?

Unfortunately not at this time. However, you can still use SwiftOrder alongside Stamps.com.

Can I export my images?

Yes. You took the pictures, you should be able to retrieve them.

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