Upload to Facebook

It's automated, simple, and just works. Over 1/4 billion uploads and counting.

Upload inventory to Facebook albums

You don't need to upload manually anymore. Just build your upload in SwiftOrder, hit "go", and you're all set.

Delete inventory from Facebook albums

Automate the deletion process after your event is finished.

Launch your uploads in minutes

It takes just minutes to get started. Configure your upload settings with just a few clicks, and you're ready.

15+ upload speeds

You can select from multiple upload speeds, ranging from 200-600 images per hour, and choose to upload continuously or to pause and resume. Each setting is carefully calculated so you can determine which method works best for you and your inventory size.

Randomize how your inventory posts

Posting your inventory in the same order each time isn't always ideal. You can randomize your inventory, so shoppers see new images each time you upload.

Reach more shoppers faster

With a single click, you can upload into all of your sale's albums simultaneously. This way, you can reach all shoppers, instead of posting to one album at a time.

Real-time reporting

Every aspect of your uploads are monitored, captured, and presented to you in a simple user interface.

Schedule uploads

Upload now, or schedule it for later. You can easily schedule an upload for any time of day.

Add/remove inventory from uploads

You can choose which inventory you want to include/not include in your uploads, so you only show shoppers what you want them to see.

Protection from "Facebook Jail"

Facebook can sometimes block your account if you post too much. SwiftOrder detects when you are approaching this limit, and intentionally stops your uploads to protect you.

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