Adding Duplicates to Your Inventory
Adding Duplicates to Your Gallery
Duplicates and QR Codes
Duplicates and Uploading to Facebook


Duplicate inventory management allows you to control how many of your duplicate items appear in your gallery and upload to Facebook.

A duplicate is considered an extra item that is not currently in your gallery or involved the order fulfillment process (such as Needs Invoicing, Awaiting Payment, Ready to Ship, or Shipped). For example, if you have 10 matching items, 1 is in your gallery, and 1 is awaiting payment, you have 8 duplicates.

Adding Duplicates

For your duplicate inventory, you only need to upload one of your images. Then, after you sync that one image to your gallery, you can then add duplicates using the following steps outlined in the images below.

If an item is checked out via a v2 gallery, a duplicate will automatically be added to your gallery and your duplicate counts will update accordingly. Currently, duplicates are not automatically added via other checkout methods, but that may change.

If you need to manually add a duplicate to your gallery, you can follow the steps based on the image below.

QR Codes and Decreasing the Quantity of Duplicates

Duplicates are included when you print your QR Codes.

Additionally, if you have QR Codes printed (and therefore, your items at home have item numbers physically on the item itself), keep in mind that decreasing the quantity of duplicates removes one of the duplicate item numbers. This would cause an item number you have at home to "clash" with the item number stored in SwiftOrder.

Therefore, if you have a duplicate you need to remove, and you already have a physical item number at home, you should archive the item (in the app > top menu > search item number > force delete > the item will archive as a result) rather than decreasing your duplicate count. This will ensure accurate inventory tracking.

Uploading to Facebook

Only items currently in your gallery will upload to Facebook. Duplicates will not be uploaded to Facebook.