Getting Started (Go-Live Checklist)

Connecting to ShippingEasy

In this step, you will integrate to ShippingEasy. You should:

1. Open your Settings section by clicking here
2. Follow the steps below (and watch the video demo as well) to create a new store in ShippingEasy and get your 3 API keys from your ShippingEasy account
3. Input these keys in your SwiftOrder Settings
4. When you're done, you'll be connected to ShippingEasy, and you're ready to start selling!


Video Demo
Creating a New Store in your ShippingEasy Account
Getting your ShippingEasy Credentials
Troubleshooting - Orders not Syncing to ShippingEasy
Troubleshooting - Orders not being marked "Shipped"


The SwiftOrder ShippingEasy Integration will allow you to:

  • Sync orders to ShippingEasy with no manual address entry

  • Listen for when you print labels in ShippingEasy, and automatically mark the order "shipped" in SwiftOrder. Additionally, SwiftOrder will record the shipping cost you paid and provide a direct link to the finished order in ShippingEasy for reference to the order as well as tracking information.

  • Connect to ShippingEasy Video Demo

    Watch the video and follow the 2 steps below to connect to ShippingEasy.

    1. Create a New Store in your ShippingEasy Account

    1. Click here to create a new store (make sure you are logged in to ShippingEasy).

    2. Click the blue "Save" button. See image 1 below as an example.

    3. Edit your store name. "ShippingEasy API Store" certainly isn't a catchy name. Make it something nice like "LuLaRoe with Jennifer Smith". See image 2 below as an example.

    4. Scroll down to the "API Configuration" section. In the "Shipment Callback Path" section, delete "/shipment/callback" (ShippingEasy puts this there by default). Enter /app/callback/shipping-easy.php. The end result should look EXACTLY like the image below. The Callback URL is responsible for marking your orders shipped and recording tracking information.

    5. When you're done, scroll down to the bottom of the page inside ShippingEasy, and click Save.

    2. Get your ShippingEasy Credentials and Place Them in SwiftOrder

    Important: ShippingEasy provides 3 API Keys (API Keys are essentially long passwords). These keys are required to connect to Swiftorder. The 3 keys are the "Store API Key", "API Key", and "API Secret".

    1. Get your Store API Key. This is from the new store you just made. It will look like this:

    2. Get your API Key and API Secret. They will look like this:

    3. Open your Settings, and copy/paste the 3 keys into their correct place. Be sure that ShippingEasy is enabled in your Settings. When you're done, save your Settings.
    Make sure you don't accidentally copy/paste any blank spaces when putting your keys in. This is a common cause of orders not syncing correctly.

    Success! You have connected to ShippingEasy.

    If you find that orders are not syncing, see the troubleshooting section below.


    Orders not syncing into ShippingEasy

    1. The order does not have a weight entered on the "Ready to Ship" page, or multiple orders are selected and one or more of the orders do not have a weight.

    2. One or more orders you are attempting to sync has a partial or missing address. This will be denoted by a red warning icon next to the order. If this is the case, you'll need to collect the address information and edit the order. The address information is most likely in your LLR account.

    As an example, let's say you are syncing 5 orders, and the 2nd order is missing an address. Only the first order will successfully sync because ShippingEasy will "fail" on the 2nd order, causing orders 3, 4, and 5 not to sync. Once you edit the full address for the 2nd order, orders 3, 4, and 5 will successfully sync.

    3. The order ID already exists in your ShippingEasy account

    4. Your ShippingEasy Keys are incorrect. Here is an example to illustrate which key in ShippingEasy aligns with each key in your SwiftOrder settings page.

    5. Your keys have a blank space. To check, highlight your key (see image below). If you see a blank space, delete the blank space, and save your changes. Check all 3 keys to make sure none of them have blank spaces.

    Orders not syncing from ShippingEasy to SwiftOrder when printing labels

    1. The callback URL is incorrect. It must be set to

    Here is the most commonly used incorrect Callback URL. is listed twice. You need to edit your ShippingEasy Store Settings to look exactly like the image above. When finished, your Callback URL should only show as It should NOT show as https://swiftorder.io

    2. You are connected to the wrong ShippingEasy store key.