Video Demos

Learn how SwiftOrder works. See it in action.

Facebook Uploader (3:22)

See the process of building a Facebook Upload, and get a glimpse into the metrics you can monitor with each upload you have.

Dashboard (1:15)

The dashboard divides your daily tasks into easy-to-understand "buckets", so you can always know the status of your orders and what needs action next.

Galleries (7:07)

A full overview of galleries from inside the app and from your customers' point of view.

Fulfilling Orders and ShippingEasy Integration (5:15)

Watch the ShippingEasy integration in action from start to finish.

Inventory Tracking (1:46)

An overview of the inventory tracking process.

Customers, Data Exports, and External Orders (5:18)

A few extra goodies that will come in handy in organizing your business.

Recording New Sales (5:05)

Within the app, you can record sales on your own. This helpful demo will show you how.